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India Chamber of Commerce (ICC), USA

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Service Mission
  • Identify and Assess Growth Markets around Tier 1 (major), Tier 2 (medium) and Tier 3 (small) potential cities in India.
  • Share Business and Investment opportunities; Provide Advisory Services for member businesses that includes trade, legal, cultural support etc.
  • Promote Innovation in business, trade and economic development through partnerships with private enterprise, universities, inter-nodal agencies and governments.
  • Develop and conduct multilateral trade and business delegations that engages in Joint-Venture, and buy-sell based growth programs.
  • Collaborate and build confidence to establish business partnerships with India and US friendly countries from Europe, Asia, Middle East and BRICS nations.
Sustainability & Innovation
  • Create a sustainable framework of learning and growth for Members, Partners and Investors.
  • Promote innovation, business culture dynamics through personal interactions, sustained advisory support for members with India & business friendly countries.