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The India Chamber of Commerce, USA is a Global organization to provide leadership and engaging with private sector business and investment initiatives and establish Business to Business Partnership and Business to Government relations.

Chamber Services:

  • ativan 1 mg street value Business:  Provides Consulting and Market Research Services along with opportunity to Network, Expand and Grow. Further, the team Reviews Business Plans and Investment Opportunities; Conducts Assessments for Entrepreneurial and Innovative ideas; Provides Advice for Incubation and opportunities to connect with potential Investors. 
  • Trade: Reports on Global Economic trends on regional demographics and global economy. Conducts Industry Delegations to growth markets and business friendly nations/cities.
  • Partnership: Provides Business & Investment Partnership opportunity services and enables to identify, setup and support Joint Ventures, Incubation Services established through Memorandum of Understanding and/or Memorandum of Agreements.

ambient world music Advisory Services:

  • lorazepam dose for sedation Sustainability:  Provides advisory services on “green” practices using innovative sustainable practices, processes and results that involves making changes and implementing solutions to ensure economic stability, biodiversity etc. ICC helps Businesses to find a way to incorporate environmentally-friendly practices, integrating emerging technologies and sustainable systems into a business model. Periodically, ICC invites Speakers to present successful stories and possible approaches on sustainability for Chamber members only.   
  • Council’s: ICC Council global services currently focus on Leadership Council that help devise strategies and guide investments and partnership opportunities for emerging markets. While Women Business council comprise of leaders that help in alignment, innovation, training and sustained growth for Women in Leadership positions.
  • lorazepam 1mg round white pill 59 half moon Government Relations:ICC engages and partners with Government leaders, departments to power growth and bridge gap in the economy by enabling business partnerships, domestic and foreign investments, support and general direction.
Special Announcements

Feb 2016: Mumbai (INDIA) - Make In India Week: Seann Nelipinath led a Business and Investment delegation of CEOs and Leaders from US and other Countries that attended and participated in the B2B, B2G and G2G discussions at the Make In India Week, after presenting the Global Aquaponics (a most advanced Agro-technology based system) and Smart Cities (Aeropolis) solutions, a highlight event in Mumbai. This event was attend bt the Prime Minister of India and supported by large delegations led by the Prime Mnisters of Sweden, Lithuania, Finland and Dy. PM of Poland that was held from Feb 13 to 18 in Mumbai.

Jun 2016: Washington DC (USA) - US Global Coalition Leadership Summit: This erstwhile annual gathering of US and Global leaders share the platform to learn, discuss and help steer the global order in terms of economic and secrurity portfolios. This group then visits the White House and Congress to share thoughts and strong opinions specific subjects that are most pressing and help formulate actions.

Jun 2016: Liverpool, (UK) - IFB and GIBM Meeting: The 2nd International Festival of Business in Liverpool is a testimony of succss and value that the Global India Business Meeting brings to the region. This foremost gathering of global CEOs and Business Leaders that are visionaries and investors share the platform to learn, discuss thoughts and ideas for future investments for the region. This is co-hosted by the City and State Governments and attract a significant B2B, B2G and G2G partnership activities on the side. 

July 2016: Cascais, (PORTUGAL): Seann Nelipinath to Speak on “Foreign Multinationals in India - Foreign investors' at the Global India Business Meeting, a gathering of visionaries and investors global CEOs on July 3rd-4th that is co-hosted by the City of Cascais, where the Prime Minister of Poland is scheduled to attend and participate. Mr. Nelipinath during the session will be sharing his thoughts on the perception that India is becoming perceptible - What are the changing conditions?" and how best Poland and others can leverage and navigate to build partnership through this upbeat times.

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US-Global Healthcare Summit