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November 7st
Highlights of Global Trade Summit 2011 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Left to Right: Hon. Mark Ritchie Minnesota Secretary of State, Hon. Rashmi Singh ICS (Gov. of India), Mr. Jaya Kumar President of PepsiCo Global Nutrition Group, Seann Nelipinath President & Director of India Chamber of Commerce.

"Global Partnership in its traditional and non-traditional form is important to the growth" said Jaya Kumar, the presenting sponsor and President of PepsiCo Global Nutrition Group a multi-billion dollar group and "The continuing effort to bring and build global business partnerships to US, in particular Minnesota, and to explore and engage with businesses in India was the highlight of the Summit organized by the India Chamber of Commerce", said the Secretary of State Mark Ritchie at the TCF Stadium (Indoor Club Room) during the dinner event on Thursday.
Earlier, in the morning during the summit opening session, Mayor of Minneapolis R.T. Rybak welcomed the delegates from India and addressed the business gathering to "take advantage of these meetings and we look forward to this much need partnerships". This was followed by Mayor of Saint Paul Chris Coleman who said in particular to the visiting delegates, "do not confine yourselves to Minneapolis alone but visit Saint Paul to explore its business opportunities and potentials" and Secretary of State Mark Ritchie and Executive Director of Minnesota Trade Office Katie Clark talked about various state level opportunities.

Left to Right: Sec. of State Mark Ritchie, Mayor R.T.Rybak, ICC President Seann Nelipinath

Left to Right: Hon. Mark Ritchie Minnesota Secretary of State, Hon. Rashmi Singh ICS (Gov. of India), Mr. Jaya Kumar President of PepsiCo Global Nutrition Group, Seann Nelipinath President & Director of India Chamber of Commerce.

Each of them in their speech highlighted the importance of this summit and said "Minnesota is now ready to conduct business and trade with India than before". Seann Nelipinath the President of India Chamber of Commerce said, "The spirit of this summit is to understand the real challenges that businesses confront during trade agreements and how existing workarounds do not provide a clear solution". In this regard Nelipinath says the summit aims at "providing a platform for B2B partners to discuss these challenges in smaller group settings through focused sessions that are facilitated by key experts/panel members". He further said that almost all of the visiting delegates have been scheduled to meet with potential business partners from Minnesota and US.
The panels on Education (Dr. Indu Shahani - Dean HR College of Commerce-India, Dr. Sri Zaheer - Interim Dean Carlson School, Dr. Diana Lawson - Dean Business School St. Cloud, Gopal Khanna - Moderator) and Healthcare (Dr. Lakshmanan Nagarajan - Amrita Institute of Medical and Veterinary Sciences, India, Dr. Boris Bershadsky - Cleveland Clinic-OH, Dr. Ronald Phillips - Regents Professor University of Minnesota, Dr. William Toscano, Dr. Sakthikumar Ambady - Director Worcester Polytechnic College-MA) focused on new age models, and the Legal panel (Anoop Narayanan Esq., ANA Law Group-Mumbai-India, Brent Wm. Primus Esq., Primus Law-PA, Vineet Sinha - coordinator) focused on challenges and solutions on partnership, while the government affairs panel focused on strength in partnerships.

Mayor Elizabeth Kautz, the recent past President of US Conference of Mayors in US and the moderator for the government affairs panel talked about her visit to Saudi Arabia and other locations and said "globally, the market now accept and rely on partnerships, as this model provides scalability and helps build trust, which is key to our economic growth". The Consul General of Canada Martin Loken said, "Canada sees and recognizes the real strength and opportunity in multilateral partnerships with US and India and therefore are ready to take partnership dealings forward". The panel also included Anoop Narayanan Esq., managing partner and lead practitioner from ANA Law Group from Mumbai India and Secretary of State Mark Ritchie. The Consul General of India from Chicago and/ or the Embassy of India representative from Washington DC were not present due to some last minute change in their schedules. India business delegation for the summit consisted of 10 business founders, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals that represented Telecom, Energy, Education, Infrastructure /Construction, Legal and Healthcare industry sectors.

The Global Trade Summit 2011 organized by India Chamber of Commerce, USA had good attendance from US businesses exploring partnerships with India and the dinner event at the TCF Stadium was the highlight with a keynote delivery by Jaya Kumar, the President of PepsiCo Global Nutrition Group and the presenting sponsor for the Summit. In his keynote presentation Jaya Kumar said "delivering balanced nutrition", derived from fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and functional nutrition is the new Innovation mantra at PepsiCo GNG. Mahendra Nath was honored as the "Businessman of 2011" by the India Chamber of Commerce and the award was presented by the Secretary of State Mark Ritchie for his contribution to Minnesota's business community as one of the successful entrepreneurs.

The dinner event was also attended by prominent business leaders, representatives and partners from University of Minnesota, that included Mahendra Nath, Uri Camarano, Dr. V.V. Chari, Allen Stern, Dennis Severson, Major Greg Davis from US Army, Dr. Indu Shahani from Mumbai, Rashmi Singh ICS (Gov. of India), Consul General of Canada Martin Loken, Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, Mayor of Minneapolis R.T. Rybak, along with sponsor and partners such as Galliard Capital Management, TV Asia and chamber partnerships from India. The visiting B2B delegates had site visits and meetings on Friday the 4th Nov., with potential partners in Minnesota, Chicago, Denver, Arizona and Boston.

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